Collectors Club of Chicago Philatelic Exhibitor’s Award

The Collectors Club of Chicago is pleased to announce the establishment of an award to be given to a deserving exhibitor, as determined by the jury, at philatelic exhibitions or shows.

The award will consist of philatelic handbooks published by the CCC, with titles to be determined at the relevant time. The retail book value of the award will be the equivalent of $US 75-300, dependent on the number of handbooks being awarded, with all of the handbooks being in new, printer-fresh, condition.

The number of handbooks being awarded to the philatelic exhibition event is governed by the following parameters: One Book for local or non-American Philatelic Society established shows, Two Books for two-day shows, and Four Books for all three or more days shows.

Except for the following, the jury has a free hand in determining who receives the award. However, it is suggested that the jury allocate the award to an exhibitor to motivate them to continue to exhibit in their area of interest, to recognize their research and/or creativity, or recognizing a first-time exhibiting achievement.

Award Limitations and Parameters

Except for the following parameters, the jury has basically a free-hand in determining who receives the award. It is, however, suggested that the jury allocate the award to an exhibitor to motivate him or her to continue to exhibit in his or her area of interest, to recognize his or her research, creativity or even first-time exhibiting achievement.

Award limitations and parameters:

  • *Not to be given to the Grand or Reserve Grand Award Winners   …
  • *Should be given to either a Vermeil or Gold-Award level exhibitor   …
  • *No topic restrictions   …
  • *No frame restrictions, either multi- or single-frame   …
  • *May be awarded to a youth exhibitor as long as the exhibitor achieves the youth vermeil or gold levels   …
  • *May be awarded to an experienced, newer or first-time exhibitor   …

After the award has been given at a particular show, the show is required to advise the CCC Exhibit-Award Representative of the exhibit title, frame total, name and address of the exhibitor. The awardee address will be held confidential, nor will the CCC solicit them.

In the event of questions or communications, please only contact the CCC’s representative, as indicated below.

Philatelic regards,

Jerry H. Miller
CCC Exhibit-Award Representative
P.O. Box 2142
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Tel: (630) 858-9161 Fax: (630) 858-9103