Handbooks Available For Purchase

From 1968, the CCC has published original high quality philatelic books on various diverse subjects. They are all well printed, hard bound and released at quite reasonable prices. All editions are limited and to date, none have been reprinted nor is reprinting anticipated in the future.

In the secondary market, CCC publications often sell for a premium, especially those that are out of print.

The below listing consists of our in print titles and all are still offered at originally published prices

The Arthur Salm Foundation reports are also available and listed at the bottom of this page.

POSTAGE and How to Order

Arthur Salm Foundation Reports

Small research pamphlets that get to the subject quickly.

  • Report Number 1, March, 1991, Paper for Album Pages
  • Report Number 2, 1992, Stamp Hinges
  • Report Number 3, April, 1995, Plastics
  • Report Number 4, May, 1997, Bogus Countries, etc.
  • Report Number 5, May, 1999, Pressure Sensative Adhesives
  • Report Number 6, April, 2000, Fraudulent Early Air Mail Covers

The six reports will be available here in digital format shortly.

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