The Cabeen House

1029 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60610-2803

Collectors Club of Chicago

Officers, Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons,
and Executive Appointments

Officers (2020-2021)

  • President: William O. Maddocks, Schererville IN
  • Vice-President: Carlos A. Vergara, Wheaton IL
  • Treasurer: Timothy G. Wait, Rockford IL
  • Secretary: Melanie G. Rogers, Chicago IL

Board of Directors (2020-2021)

  • Jacquelyn S. Alton, Chicago IL
  • Charles E. Cwiakala, Park Ridge IL
  • Leonard H. Hartmann, Louisville KY
  • William O. Maddocks, Schererville IN
  • Melanie G. Rogers, Chicago IL
  • Carlos A. Vergara, Wheaton IL
  • Edward W. Waterous, Merrillville IN

Committee Chairmanships (2020-2021)

Standing Committees
  • Accounting: Timothy G. Wait, Chairperson
  • Finance: Timothy G. Wait, Chairperson
     Committee Members: Kathryn J. Johnson, Andrew A. Ward
  • House: John A. Rdzak, Chairperson
     Committee Members: Jacquelyn S. Alton, Gerald T. Nylander
  • Library Committee: Edward W. Waterous, Chairperson
     Committee Members: Joseph C. Banchak, George P. Fabian, Cheryl R Ganz,
     Leonard H. Hartmann, Kathryn J. Johnson, Evangelos Kobotis, Duane A. Larson,
     James E. Lee, John A. Rdzak
  • Programs: Kathryn J. Johnson, Chairperson
     Committee Member: Richard E. Drews
  • Publications: Dan J. Undersander, Chairperson
     Committee Members: Richard E. Drews, Robert L. Glass, James E. Lee,
     James W. Milgram, John A. Rdzak, Mark C. Reasoner

Ad Hoc Committees and Executive Appointments

  • Ambassadors: Richard E. Drews, Leonard H. Hartmann, James P. Mazepa,
     Carlos A. Vergara
  • Ambassadors – American Philatelic Society : Melanie G. Rogers
  • Audit Committee: Terry R. Kurzinski, Chairperson
  • Catering Committee: Charles E. Cwiakala, Chairperson
     Committee Member: Jacquelyn S. Alton
  • Club Pamphlet Committee: Charles E. Cwiakala, Chairperson
     Committee Member: Melanie G. Rogers
  • Historian and Archivist: Alexis Y. Kneeland, Chairperson
     Committee Member: Joseph L. Banchak
  • Legal: Perry Goldberg, Chairperson
  • Liaison – American Philatelic Society: Richard E. Drews
  • Liaison – Club de Mont√©-Carlo, Monaco: Leonard H. Hartmann
  • Liaison – Collectors Club of New York: Kathryn J. Johnson
  • Liaison – IPHLA International Philatelic Literature Exhibition, Germany:
     Leonard H. Hartmann
  • Liaison – Latin American Philatelic Organizations: Carlos A. Vergara
  • Liaison – Royal Philatelic Society, London: Leonard H. Hartmann
  • Liaison – World StampShow 2021, Chicago – Coordinator: Richard E. Drews
     Co-Coordinators: Cheryl R. Ganz, Kathy J. Johnson, Mark S. Schwartz,
    Robert G Ziegler
  • Membership: Richard E. Drews, Chairperson
     Committee Member: Kathryn J. Johnson
  • Managing Information Services: William O. Maddocks, Chairperson
     Committee Member: Evangelos Kobotis, Melanie G. Rogers
  • Nominating Committee: : James E. Lee, Chairperson
  •  Committee Member: Richard E. Drews, Dan J. Undersander

  • Pratt Awards: George P. Fabian, Chairperson
  • Public Relations & Publicity Committee: Melanie G. Rogers, Manager
  • Show Awards Programs: John A. Rdzak, Chairperson
  • Special Projects: Kathryn J. Johnson, Chairperson
  • Video Production Team: Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Knapp, Chairperson
     Committee Member: Richard E. Drews, George P. Fabian, Melanie G. Rogers
  • Ways and Means Committee: Van Siegling, Chairperson
  • Wine Stewardship: Andrew A Ward, Sommelier
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