The Philatelic Encyclopedia


The Collectors Club of Chicago’s Philatelic Encyclopedia, a living document, is a team endeavor to assemble in a single basic information source a comprehensive compendium for all of the information available representing philately’s various spheres of collecting. It includes documentation for the terminology associated within the many collecting aspects of philatelia, ranging from the most basic concepts of the hobby, to the most complex and esoteric.

In order to create an all-encompassing encyclopedia, nomenclature for the most common terms related to philatelia are translated from or into forty-eight different languages.

The Philatelic Encyclopedia is a living document, which will be completed and updated in the coming months. It is recognized that the first draft entries may include incomplete definitions, or may contain typographical or factual errors. Entries found with such errors will be corrected in the future editions.

Word Origin Abbreviations

(romanized Afghan.) = Afghani (Pushtu language, one of the Iranian group)
(Afrikaans) = Afrikaans (Dutch patois)
(Alb.) = Albanian (Indo-European grammar; Thraco-Illyrian group of languages)
(romanized Arab.) = romanized Arabic
(Brit.) = Great Britain, British
(romanized Bulg.) = romanized Bulgarian
(romanized Chin.) = romanized Chinese
(Czech.) = Czech
(Dan.) = Danish
(Dutch) = Dutch
(Eng.) = English
(Est.) = Estonian
(Farsi) = Farsi
(romanized Farsi) = romanized Farsi
(Fin.) = Finnish
(Flem.) = Flemish
(Fr.) = French
(Ger.) = German
(romanized Grk.) = romanized Greek
(Heb.) = Hebrew
(Hung.) = Hungarian
(It.) = Italian
(romanized Jap.) = romanized Japanese
(romanized Kaz.) = romanized Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
(romanized Kor.) = romanized Korean
(romanized Kyr.) = romanized Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
(Lat.) = Latin
(Latv.) = Latvian
(Lith.) = Lithuanian
(Nor.) = Norwegian
(romanized Mong.) = romanized Mongolian
(romanized Pers.) = romanized Persian (Farsi)
(Pol.) = Polish
(Port.) = Portuguese
(Rom.) = Romanian
(romanized Russ.) = romanized Russian
(Russ.) = Russian
(Sp.) = Spanish
(Swed.) = Swedish
(Tagalog) = Tagalog (Philippines)
(romanized Taj.) = romanized Tajik (Tajikistan)
(Turk.) = Turkish
(romanized Ukr.) = romanized Ukrainian
(romanized Uyg.) = romanized Uyghur (Kazakhstan)
(romanized Uzb.) = romanized Uzbek (Uzbekistan)
(Viet.) = Vietnamese
(Welsh) = Welsh
(adj.) = Adjective
(fem.) = Feminine case.
(masc.) = Masculine case.

The Philatelic Encyclopedia




A and T, A&T

A Betale-Portomerke

A Buon Mercato
































A. & St. L. & A. & KENNBk R.R.

A. Bergqvist Lokala Expressposten



















































































































Aalborg Bypost

Aalborg Privatbaner

Aalesund Bypost














Aarhus Bypost

Aasia, Aasialainen






Abaco and Cays



Abariringa Island






Abbott’s Express


Abbreviato, Abbreviazione

Abbyssinia – 1867 Napier Expedition




















Abidjan Games

Abierta por la Censura Militar


Abingdon, Virginia

Abissínia, Abissíio


Abkhazia, Republic of



Abkürzt, Abkürzungen


Ablösen im Wasser



Abnormal Perforations



Abo Lans Kustångbåts

Abominable Snowman Expedition Postal History – 1954











Abreviado, Abreviaturas

Abreviado, Abreviaturas














Absentee Ballot Materials

Absentee Bidder







Abstimmung in Salzburg / 29 Mai 1921





Abu Dhabi (Officially, Emirate of Abu Dhabi)

Abudarkam & Cohen Local Post – Morocco

Abudarkam Local Post – Morocco











Acacia Gum




‘ABERDEEN / 5 [or 10] / Mi.’ / ‘PAID’ Confederate Postmasters Provisional



Ääriviiva, Ääriviivat



Numerical and Symbol Designations

Numerical Designations

‘0.15’ Red Manuscipt Surcharges on 1876-1886 French Postage Stamps: see Majunga Surcharges.
‘05’ Overprint on 1881-1886 French Colonies General Issue: see Madagascar.
‘1 / FRANC’ (Surcharge): on French Colonies general issues, see Cochin China.
1e Dag-afstempel: (Dutch) first day cancel.
1e Dag-enveloppe: (Dutch) first day cover, FDC.
1-Ulm / D. 1 (or 2-Ulm / D.-2, etc.): overprint found on the German Displaced Persons Camp Ganghofersiedlung (Regensberg) local stamps; issued by Ukrainian nationals during 1950, representing Displaced Persons Camp Sedankaserne (located in Ulm / Donau, Baden-Württemberg). A comprehensive listing of these issues is available in the following reference: Bulat, John, Comprehensive Catalogue of Ukrainian Philately, Publ.: Author, 2003.
2-Sidig perforering: (Swed.) 2-Sided perforation on parallel sides.
2”x4”: at one time it was popular to cut the corner, two inches by four inches, containing the stamp and postmark off envelopes and mount them in an album.
3¢ 1861 Postmasters Provisionals: see Confederate States of America – 3¢ 1861 Postmasters Provisionals.
3¢ Hawaiian Blue: cinderella used in movie The Truth About Charlie, a remake of the movie Charade.
‘3 / CENTS’ and ‘3 / CNETS’ Confederate States of America 3¢ 1861 Postmasters Provisional: typset gold-ink Confederate States of America 3¢ 1861 Postmasters Provisional (q.v.) postage stamp issued by the postmaster at Madison Court House, Florida. The adhesive is inscribed “3 / CENTS” or “3 / CNETS” (in error), framed by a tile-like decorative motif.
3M Corp.: contractor for stamp printing to National Label Co.; printed the 1994 Eagle self-adhesive stamp.
3PF: German bisect provisional made 1901, at New Orleans, La. by German Cruiser Vineta to meet need for printed matter rate by ship’s crew.
3-Rings Nummerstempler: (Nor.) 3-Ring numerical obliterator cancellations.
3-Sidig Perforeing: (Nor.) perforations on 3 sides, with straight edge on fourth side.
3-Sidig Perforering: (Swed.) 3-Sided perforation with straight edge on fourth side.
3-Strip: (Swed.) Strip-of-3.
4-Mai Burokko: (romanized Jap.) block-of-4 (stamps).
4-Sidig Perforeing: (Nor.) perforations on 4 sides.
4-Sidig Perforering: (Swed.) Perforated on all four sides.
4 Skilling Våpen 1855: (Nor.) refers to the 1855 4 Skilling blue Norwegian Coat-of Arms issue.
4-Strip: (Swed.) Strip-of-4.
5-Dollar ‘Prexie’: (slang) U.S. 1938 $5 Calvin Coolidge issue.
‘5’ (Surcharge): on French Colonies general issues, see Cochin China.
7R1E: referencing the United States imperforate Benjamin Franklin 1¢ issue of 1851 Sc 5), the seven right one early printing plate, meaning the seventh position in the right pane of the first plate in the early state.
13 Zone Partigiana Piacenza: town and province in Northern Italy; stamps of Italy overprint for local use in 1944.
‘15’: 1. handstamped surcharges on 1876-1886 French Postage Stamps: see Majunga Surcharges. 2. surcharge on French Colonies general issues, see Cochin China;
16 8 41 / (swastika) / R Alex: crude linoleum-engraved applicator overprint found on the 1920s-1940s stamps of Russia, being Ukrainian Velyka Aleksandrivka. District locals issued 15 December 1941 during the WWII German occupation of the Ukraine.
‘20 / CENTS’: Surcharge on French Colonies general issues, see Cochin China.
20/IX 1908: label from Bosnia Herzegovina honoring Franz Joseph, 1908.
25: designation on early Colombia Registration stamps signifying Anotación (‘Note’ or ‘Record’).
‘25’ – Overprint on 1881-1886 French Colonies General Issue: see Madagascar.
30 Koruna 1914: (Hung.) documentary revenue stamp.
124: British P.O. numerical oblit assigned to India P.O. postage stamps to the ‘Aden Cantonment’ (replacing the ‘125’ numerical oblit).
125: British P.O. numerical oblit assigned to India P.O. postage stamps to the port city of Aden (introduced in 1871)
1914 Iguirnne Aiséirge 1916: (Gaelic) in memory of the rebellion of 1916.

Symbolic Designations

∝-Oblit: (or Alpha-Oblit) a cancellation device containing an alphabet letter or letters (e.g. “B”, as used at Duncans, Jamaica), see Alpha-Numerical Oblit, Obliterator.
€: Euro or €uro Currency; replaces the Austrian Schilling, Belgian Franc, Cypriot Pound, Dutch Guilder, Estonian Kroon, Finnish Markka, German Mark, Greek Drachma, Irish Pound, Italian Lira, Luxembourgish Franc, Maltese Lira, Slovak Koruna, Monegasque Franc, Portuguese Escudo, Sammarinese Lira, Slovenian Tolar, Spanish Peseta, Vatican Lira, and other currencies at the time of a country’s acceptance to using the € as their national currency
$A: Dollar currency, Australia; see AUD.
$B: 1. Dollar currency, Barbados, see BBD. 2. Dollar currency, Bermuda, see BMD. 3. Dollar currency, see Bahamas BSD.
$C: Dollar currency, Canada; see CAD.
$CI: Dollar currency, Cayman Islands; see KYD.
$EC: Dollar currency, Eastern Caribbean Community; see XCD.
$ Error: U.S. Wine revenue stamp for the $1.60-4/5¢ tax, where dollar is spelled ‘Dolllar’, 1951-1954.
$F: Dollar currency, Fiji; see FJD.
$G: Dollar currency, Guyana; see GYD.
$HK: Dollar currency, Hong Kong; see HKD.
$J: Dollar currency, Jamaica; see JMD.
$L: Dollar currency, Liberia; see LRD.
$N: Dollar currency, Namibia; see NAD.
$NZ: Dollar currency, New Zealand; see NZD.
$S: 1. Dollar currency, Singapore; see SGD. 2. Dollar Currency, Suriname; see SRD.
$SI: Dollar currency, Solomon Islands, see SBD.
$T: 1. Dollar currency (New Dollar), Taiwan; see TWD. 2. Pa’anga, currency unit in Tonga; seeTOP. 3. Dollar currency, Tuvalu; see TVD.
$TT: Dollar currency unit in Trinidad and Tobago; see TTD.
$US: Dollar currency, United States; see USD.
$Z: Dollar currency, Zimbabwe; see ZWD.
£: Pound currency, United Kingdom.
£C: Pound currency, Cyprus; see CYP.
£F: Pound currency, Falkland Islands; see FKP.
£G: Pound currency, Gibraltar and Guernsey; see GIB, GGP.
£J: Pound currency, Jersey; see JEP.
£L: Pound currency, Lebanon; see LBP.
£M: Pound currency, Isle of Man (Manx, Punt Manninagh); see IMP.
£S: Pound currency, Syria; see SYP.
¥: Yen currency, Japan.


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