1. (abbr.) international address designation for Austria incoming mails, entered before the 4-digit city postal code (e.g., A-4020 Linz), see AT; 2. (Sp., abbr.Anotación (1865-1870 Colombia Registration inscription); 3. (abbr.) ‘Architect’, 1868-1874 South Australia official stamps overprint; 4. (Sp., abbr.Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia S.A. Avianca airlines overprint on Colombian airmail stamps of the 1950s; 5. (abbr.) 1920 air mail overprint on the SCADTA (q.v.) air mail issues of Colombia, indicating a Colombia consular overprint sold in Germany; 6. (abbr.) Watermark, with Imperial Crown, used for 1913-1926 Australian stamps; 7. ‘Amic’ papermaker’s initial used as the watermark for the Modena 1 Lira issue; 8. ‘A’ inscription, U.S. non-denominated stamp issued 22 May 1948, valued at 15¢; 9. (abbr.) ‘Architect’, 1868-1874 South Australia official overprint; 10. (Fr., abbr.) ‘Armée’, army; 11. WWII Gibraltar Imperial Censorship Code letter assignment; 12. 1858-1900s Letter-code within various cds’ (q.v.) assigned to St. Vincent, B.W.I., from 1 July 1913 assigned to the village of New Adelphi; 13. Sent out ca. 1873, British P.O. lettered oblit (q.v.) assigned to Milk River, Jamaica (afterwards the ‘201’ oblit). 14. (abbr., Fr.) Autriche (‘Austria’) transit postal handstamp.

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