The General and Specialty Philatelic Societies, and Philatelic Libraries WebPage lists those societies known to the CCC at the time of the WebPage’s construction.

The libraries listed also include those known to the CCC at the time of the WebPage’s construction, although it is recognized that further comprehensive philatelic libraries are in existence, particularly in Europe.

All of the WebSites have been verified to be active as of 11th July 2014. Corrections to the listings, as well a requests to be considered being added to the listings, should be directed to the Collectors Club of Chicago:

General Philatelic Societies

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors [AAPE] (USA) –
American Philatelic Congress [APC] (USA) –
American Philatelic Society [APS] (USA) –
American Topical Association [ATA] (USA) –
APS Writers Unit [WU] (USA) –
Australian Philatelic Federation (Australia) –
British Thematic Association (Great Britain) –
Bund Deutscher Philatelisten (BDP) (Association of German Philatelists) –
Cardinal Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History (USA) –
Chicago Philatelic Society [CPS] (USA) –
Collectors Club of Chicago [CCC] (USA) –
Collectors Club of New York [CCNY] (USA) –
Federation of Inter-Asian Philately [FIAP] (Singapore] –
Kjøbenhavns Philatelist Klub (Denmark) –
National Philatelic Society [NPS] (Great Britain) –
Royal Philatelic Society, London [RPSL] (United Kingdom) –
Royal Philatelic Society of Canada [RPSC] (Canada) –
Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand (New Zealand) –
Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria (Australia) –

Specialty Philatelic Societies

American Air Mail Society [AAMS] (USA) –
American First Day Cover Society [AFDCS] (USA) –
American Helvetia Philatelic Society [AHPS] (USA) –
American Revenue Association [ARA] (USA) –
American Society for Netherlands Philately [ASNP] (USA) –
American Stamp Club of Great Britain [ASCGB] (Great Britain) –
Anglo-Boer War Philatelic Society – see The Anglo-Boer War Philatelic Society
Arctic & Antarctic Philately – see American Society of Polar Philatelists
Arctic & Antarctic Philately – see Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain
Armenian Philatelic Association [APA] (USA) –
Ascension – see St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society
Asociacion Méxicana de Filatelia [AMF] (México) –
Associated Collectors of El Salvador [ACES] (USA) –
Australia – see Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania
Australian Philatelic Society (Australia) –
Austrian Philatelic Society (Great Britain) –
Austria Philatelic Society [APS] (USA) –
Bechuanalands and Botswana Society (USA) –
Belgian Philatelic Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Bermuda Collectors Society [BCS] (USA) –
Bhutansee Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle
Boer War – see The Anglo-Boer War Philatelic Society
Bohemia – see Society for Czechoslovak Philately
Botswana – see Bechuanalands and Botswana Society
Brazil Philatelic Association [BPA] (USA) –
British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group [BCPSG] (USA) –
British Kaffraria – see Cape and Natal Study Circle
British North America Philatelic Society [BNAPS] (USA) –
British Society of Russian Philately (Great Britain) –
British West Indies Study Circle [BWISC] (Great Britain) –
Brunei – see Sarawak Specialists’ Society
Cambodia – see Society of Indo-China Philatelists
Canada – see British North America Philatelic Society
Canada – see Postal History Society of Canada
Canadian Aerophilatelic Society [CAS] (Canada) –
Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain (Great Britain) –
Canal Zone Study Group [CZSG] (USA) –
Cape and Natal Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Cape of Good Hope – see Cape and Natal Study Circle
Cape of Good Hope – see The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa
Carriers and Locals Society [CLS] (USA) –
Channel Islands Specialists’ Society (Great Britain) –
China Philatelic Society of London (Great Britain) –
China Stamp Society [CSS] (USA) –
Cinderella Stamp Club [CSC] (Great Britain) –
Civil Censorship Study Group [CCSG] (USA) –
Colombia-Panamá Philatelic Study Group [CoPaPhil] (USA) –
Confederate Stamp Alliance [CSA] (USA) –
Costa Rica – see Society of Costa Rica Collectors
Cuban Philatelic Society of America [CPSA] (USA) –
Cyprus – see The Cyprus Study Circle
Czechoslovakia – see Society for Czechoslovak Philately
East Africa Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Egypt Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Eire Philatelic Association [EPA] (USA) –
El Salvador – see Associated Collectors of El Salvador
Europa Study Unit (USA) –
Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group (Great Britain) –
Færøe Islands Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Fellowship of Samoa Specialists (USA) –
Forces Postal History Society (Great Britain) –
France & Colonies Philatelic Society (Great Britain) –
France & Colonies Philatelic Society (USA) –
German Colonies Collectors Group [GCC] (USA) –
Gernany & Colonies Philatelic Society (USA) –
Germany Philatelic Society [GPS] (USA) –
Gibraltar Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Gilbert and Ellice Islands – see Kiribati and Tuvalu Philatelic Society
Great Britain Collectors Club [GBCC] (USA) –
Great Britain Overprints Society (Great Britain) –
Great Britain – see The Great Britain Philatelic Society
Griqualand West – see Cape and Natal Study Circle
Guatemala – see International Society of Guatemala Collectors
Haiti Philatelic Society [HPS] (USA) –
Hawaiian Philatelic Society [HPS] (USA) –
Holy Land – see Society of Israel Philatelists
Hong Kong Stamp Society [HKSS] (USA) –
Hong Kong Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Hungary – see Society for Hungarian Philately
India Study Circle [ISC] (USA) –
Indo-China – see Society of Indo-China Philatelists
International Philippine Philatelic Society [IPPS] (Philippines) –
International Society for Japanese Philately [ISJP] (USA) –
International Society for Portuguese Philately [ISPP] (USA) –
International Society of Guatemala Collectors [ISGC] (USA) –
Iran Philatelic Study Circle [IPSC] (Great Britain) –
Ireland – see Eire Philatelic Association
Irish Philatelic Circle (Ireland) –
Israel – see Society of Israel Philatelists
Italy and Colonies Study Circle [CSC] (Great Britain) –
Japan – see International Society for Japanese Philately
Judaica – see Society of Israel Philatelists
King George V Silver Jubilee Study Circle (Great Britain) –
King George VI Collectors Society (Great Britain) –
Kiribati and Tuvalu Philatelic Society (Great Britain) –
Labuan – see Sarawak Specialists’ Society
Laos – see Society of Indo-China Philatelists
Liberian Philatelic Society [LPS] (USA) –
Lithuania Stamp Society [LPS] (USA) –
Machine Cancel Society [MCS] (USA) –
Malaya – see The Malaya Study Group
Malta Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Meter Stamp Society [MSS] (USA) –
México – see Asociacion Méxicana de Filatelia
México-Elmhurst Philatelic Society International [MEPSI] (USA) –
Military Postal History Society [MPHS] (USA) –
Mobile Post Office Society [MPOS] –
Natal – see Cape and Natal Study Circle
Natal – see The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa
Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle (USA) –
Netherlands Philatelic Circle (Great Britain) –
Netherlands – see American Society for Netherlands Philately
New Zealand – see Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand
New Zealand – see Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania
New Zealand Society of Great Britain (Great Britain) –
North Borneo – see Sarawak Specialists’ Society
Orange Free State – see The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa
Orange Free State Study Circle [OFSSC] (Great Britain) –
Oriental Philatelic Association of London (Great Britain) –
Ottoman and Near East Philatelic Society [ONEPS] (USA) –
Pacific Islands – see Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania
Pacific Islands Study Circle [PISC] (Great Britain) –
Palestine – see Society of Israel Philatelists
Panamá – see Colombia-Panamá Philatelic Study Group
Perfins – see The Perfins Club
Perfins – see The Perfin Society of Great Britain
Perú Philatelic Study Circle [PPSC] (USA) –
Persia – see Iran Philatelic Study Circle
Philippines – see International Philippine Philatelic Society
Pitcairn Islands Study Group [PISG] (USA) –
Poland – see Polonus Philatelic Society
Polar Philately – see American Society of Polar Philatelists
Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain (Great Britain) –
Polonus Philatelic Society [PPS] (USA) –
Portugal – see International Society for Portuguese Philately
Portuguese Philatelic Society of Great Britain (Great Britain) –
Postal History Society [PHS] (USA) –
Postal History Society of Canada [PHSC] (Canada) –
Postal History Society of Great Britain (Great Britain) –
Postal Stationery – see The Postal Stationery Society
Precancel Stamp Society (USA) –
Railway/Railroads – see TPO & Seapost Society
Rhodesian Study Circle [RSC] (Great Britain) –
Roman States – see Vatican Philatelic Society
Rossica Society of Russian Philately (USA) –
Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand [RPSNZ] (New Zealand) –
Russia – see British Society of Russian Philately
Russia – see Rossica Society of Russian Philately
Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist Society [RPSS] (USA) –
Samoa – see Fellowship of Samoa Specialists
Sarawak Specialists’ Society [SSS] (Great Britain) –
Scandinavian Collectors Club [SCC] (USA) –
Scandinavia Philatelic Society (Great Britain) –
Scouts on Stamps Society International [SOSSI] (USA) –
Seapost – see TPO & Seapost Society
Sikkimsee Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle
Slovakia – see Society for Czechoslovak Philately
Society for Czechoslovak Philately [SCP] (USA) –
Society for Hungarian Philately [SHP] (USA) –
Society for Thai Philately [STP] (USA) –
Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania [SASO] (USA) –
Society of Costa Rica Collectors (USA) –
Society of Indo-China Philatelists [SIP] (USA) –
Society of Israel Philatelists [SIP] (USA) –
South Africa – see The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa
Space Topics Study Group [STSG] (USA) –
Spanish Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Sports Philatelists International [SPI] (USA) –
Stamps on Stamps Collectors Club [SOS] (USA) –
St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society (USA) –
State Revenue Society (USA) –
Sudan Study Group (Great Britain) –
Switzerland – see American Helvetia Philatelic Society
Thailand – see Society for Thai Philately
The Anglo-Boer War Philatelic Society (Great Britain) –
The Cyprus Study Circle (Great Britain) –
The Great Britain Philatelic Society (Great Britain) –
The Hellenic Philatelic Society of The Netherlands
The Malaya Study Group (Great Britain) –
The Perfins Club (USA) –
The Perfin Society of Great Britain (Great Britain) –
The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa (USA) –
The Postal Stationery Society (Great Britain) –
Tibet – see Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle
TPO & Seapost Society (Great Britain) –
Transkeian Territories – see Cape and Natal Study Circle
Transvaal – see The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa
Transvaal Study Circle (Great Britain) –
Tristan da Cunha – see St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society
Turkey – see Ottoman and Near East Philatelic Society
Tuvalu – see Kiribati and Tuvalu Philatelic Society
Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society [UPNS] (USA) –
United Nations Philatelists [UNP] (USA) –
United Postal Stationery Society [UPSS] (USA) –
United States Stamp Society [USSS] (USA) –
United States State Revenue Society – see State Revenue Society (USA)
Universal Ship Cancellation Society [USCS] (USA) –
U.S. Cancellation Club [USCC] (USA) –
U. S. Carriers and Locals – see Carriers and Locals Society
U. S. Philatelic Classics Society [USPCS] (USA) –
Vatican Philatelic Society [VPS] (USA) –
Vietnam – see Society of Indo-China Philatelists
Welsh Philatelic Society (Great Britain) –
West Africa Study Circle [WASC] (Great Britain) –
Western Cover Society [WCS] (USA) –
Wreck & Crash Mail Society (USA) –
Yugoslavia Study Group (Great Britain) –
Zeppelin Study Group (Germany) –
Zululand – see Cape and Natal Study Circle

Philatelic Libraries

American Philatelic Research Library [APRL], 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823, USA
Collectors Club of Chicago Library, 1029 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60610-2803
Collectors Club of New York Library, 22 East 35th Street, New York,NY 10016
Münchner Stadtbibliothek (Munich Philatelic Library), Rosenheimer Straße 5, D-81667 München, Germany
Museum für Kommokation Berlin – Bobliothek, Leipziger Straße 16, D-10117 Berlin, Germany
National Postal Museum Library, National Postal Museum, 2 Massachusetts Ave. N.E., Washington, DC 20013-7012
Northern Philatelic Society Research Library, Old Thompson Hotel – Suite B, 426 South Wabasha Street, St. Paul, MN 55107-1170
Phila-Bibliothek Heinrich Köhler des Vereins für Briefmarkenkunde 1878 e.V., Langer Weg 16-18, D-60489 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Philatelistischer Bibliothek Hamburg e.V., Basedowstraße 16, D-20537 Hamburg, Germany
Postal History Foundation, Peggy J. Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library, 20 N. 1st Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719
Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library [RMPL], 2038 S. Pontiac Way, Denver, CO 80224
Royal Philatelic Society, London, Library, 41 Devonshire Place London W1G 6JY, England
The British Library, Philatelic Collections, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB, England
University of Chicago Regenstein Library North Korean Stamp Collection, 1100 E. 57th St., Chicago, IL 60637
Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation, The Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library, 10 Summerhill Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4T 1A8, Canada
Western Philatelic Library, 3004 Spring Street, Redwood City, California, 94063
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