British unable to fully subjugate Afghanistan, the unsuccessful attempts leading to May 1919 month-long third Anglo-Afghan War. Sirdar Amanullah Khan forces initiate two prong attack against the surprised British; Afghan forces win many skirmishes and battles in the war’s beginning days, their numbers being greatly increased as Afghani and Indian Pashtun tribesmen join the battles. British unable to militarily subdue Afghans, the war ending in a stalemate; complete independence won by Sirdar Amanullah Khan in May 1919; Treaty of Rawalpindi, British India, signed on 8 August 1919, giving Afghanistan full control over its foreign relations, with British control of Afghanistan foreign affairs ending effective 19 August. Surviving military mails from the third Anglo-Afghan War are very scarce, primarily because of the short duration of the hostilities; they are franked with Indian postage stamps, and are identified by the date on their cancels.

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