The many small Mediterranean islands for which Italy issued special overprinted Italian stamps during the 1912-1932 period. Included in the group are (It.) Calimno (Eng. Calimo, Gr. Kalymnos), Caso (Gr. Kásos), Castellorizo (Eng. Castelrosso), Cos (Eng. Coo, Gr. Kos), Karki (Eng. Calchi, Gr. Khalke), Leros (Eng. Lero, Gr. Leros), Lipso (Eng. Lisso, Gr. Lipsos), Nisiros (Eng. Nisiro, Gr. Nísiros or Nísyros), Patmos (Eng. Patmo, Gr. Pátmos), Piscopi, Rodi (Eng. Rhodes, Gr. Ródhos), Scarpanto (Gr. Karpathos), Simi (Gr. Sími), and Stampalia (Gr. Astipália). Currency: 100 centesimi = 1 lira (plural lire) (1861), 100 cents = 1 euro (2002). Post-16th century: under Turkish rule. 1912-1932: Italian issues overprinted ‘Egeo’, ‘Isole Italiane Dell'Egeo’ from various islands. 1912: stamps of Greece used in parts of Turkey occupied by Greece (New Greece), Macedonia, Epirus, some of the Aegean islands. 1912, 8 October: Icaria (Nicaria) stamps issued after independence from Turkey, overprinted ‘Greek Administration’ stamps issued June 1913. 1912-1913: Limnos (Lemnos) overprint on stamps of Greece during occupation. 1912, November: Mytilene (Lesbos) overprint on stamps of Greece and Turkey during occupation. 1912, 14 November: Samos Provisional Government issued own stamps. 1913, 13 Ma: Samos, Provisional Government, stamps overprinted ‘Greece’ using Greek alphabet. 1913, May: Khios (Chios) overprint on stamps of Greece during the occupation. 1916: stamps of Italy without overprints used. 1920, 19 June 19 -1929, 21 August: stamps overprinted by French administration used. 1920: Greece recognized Italian control of the islands. 1922, 11 July: Castelrosso, stamps of Italy overprinted for use. 1924: formerly ceded to Italy. 1930: first air mail stamp issued. 1934: first postage due stamp issued. 1944-1945: German occupation issues. 1945-1947: British occupation overprint ‘MEF’ (Middle East Forces) issued. 1947, September: stamps of Greece overprinted "SDD" issued.

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