The many small Mediterranean islands for which Italy issued special overprinted Italian stamps during the 1912-1932 period. Included in the group are (It.) Calimno (Eng. Calimo, Gr. Kalymnos), Caso (Gr. Kásos), Castellorizo (Eng. Castelrosso, Gr. Kastellórizon), Cos (Eng. Coo, Gr. Kos), Karki (Eng. Calchi, Gr. Khalke), Leros (Eng. Lero, Gr. Leros), Lipso (Eng. Lisso, Gr. Lipsos), Nisiros (Eng. Nisiro, Gr. Nísiros or Nísyros), Patmos (Eng. Patmo, Gr. Pátmos), Piscopi, Rodi (Eng. Rhodes, Gr. Ródhos), Scarpanto (Gr. Karpathos), Simi (Gr. Sími), and Stampalia (Gr. Astipália).

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