since 1937, a British-ruled Crown Colony located in the SE area of the Arabian Peninsula; now part of Yemen (q.v.). Currency: 12 pies = 1 anna (1937); 16 annas = 1 rupee; 100 cents = 1 shilling (1951). 1609: The Ascension, a British ship, the first from that country to visit Aden. 1838: ca. 75 sq. miles of the territory ceded to the British.1839, 19 January: the British East India Company (q.v.) land a contingent of Royal Marines, who capture the city of Aden. 1839-1937: a Province of the British Raj (now part of Yemen). 1854-1937: used the stamps of India, beginning at the Aden Cantonment (q.v.). 1858, January: new Aden Steamer Point post office opened, with much of the mail duties being transferred from the Crater District P.O. (later named the Aden Cantonment P.O., q.v.; then later named the Aden Camp P.O., q.v.). 1935: the Government of India Act of 1935 allowed the territory to be detached from British India, and to be reorganized as a British Crown Colony. 1937, 1 April: the creation of the Colony of Aden as separated from the jurisdiction of British India takes effect; first Aden-inscribed stamps issued. ca. 1937: first Court Fee, Notarial, and General Revenue stamps issued, being ‘ADEN’ overprints on the KGV and KGVI revenue stamps of India. 1943, 28 August: U.S. A.P.O. No. 663 opens; closes ca. 30 June 1945; 1963, Jan.: became part of Federation of South Arabia, 1965, 1 April: first Federation of South Arabia stamps issued; see Yemen, Kingdom of.

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