In the attempt to modernize the city of Kabul in the early 1920s, plans were made to develop a new government center to replace the congested area of Kabul. The new city, named Nao-i-Kabul (New Kabul) was planned for the Chardeh Valley region, being ca. 8 miles to Kabul via the Sher Darwahza Pass; Kabul and the New Kabul under construction were connected by a streetcar railroad line, which was planned to also carry mails between the two commercial centers. A special stamp for this service was prepared for release in 1923, the design being a framed oval National Emblem over a ribbon inscribed in Arabic letters “Posteh Shahri Kabulee Fee Paket 2 Paisa” (Kabul City Postage - 2 Paisa per Letter). The service never materialized due to the encumbrances resulting from social issues, financial difficulties, citizens unwilling to relocate, and the closing chapter for the project, the 1928-1929 revolution. Used copies of the issue are not recorded.

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