A constitutional monarchy being one of the seven emirates constituting the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located in the W and SW portion of the UAE along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, bordering Dubai and sharjah to the N. Currency: 100 naye paise = 1 rupee (1964), 100 fils = 1 dinar (1966). 1833: Dubai sheik renounced allegiance to Abu Dhabi. 1862-1971: under British protection. 1892: became British protectorate. 1939: Ruling Sheikh grants petroleum exploration concessions. 1948 April-1961: Stamps of British Postal Administration surcharged in Indian currency for use in Dubai. 1958: Oil exploration project sucessful; vast oil reserves discovered. 30 March 1963: Postal service established; postage stamps of the British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia used until 29 March 1964. 1964, 30 March: First Abu Dhabi-inscribed postage stamps issued. 1967, 1 January: Abu Dhabi Post Office Department assumes control of the postal services. 1971, 2 December: joined the United Arab Emirates. 1972, August: Abu Dhabi stamps overprinted United Arab Emirates. 1973, 1 January: UAE joint issues with Ajman, Dubai, Fujeira, Sharjah, Umm al Qiwain.

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