U.S. Contract Mail Routes by Railroad


U.S. Contract Mail Routes by Railroad, 1832-1875 by Hugh V. Feldman, ISBN No. 0-9827357-5-8



The Collectors Club of Chicago announces the publication of the thirty-second handbook in their series of specialized philatelic literature: U.S. Contract Mail Routes by Railroad (1832 – 1875) by Hugh V. Feldman, RPSL.

This book presents the development of the early railroads in a historical context focusing on the establishment, routes and the cities and towns served as it relates to the philatelic information. The mail contract route information is presented in a well-organized manner including dates, route numbers, contract agreement and cost per mile.

The arrangement is by state accompanied by charts, copies of detailed maps locating towns and a detailed list of the stations served on the various mail contracts.

The mail contracts normally have the individual stops and dates and thus one may be able to bracket in times when a specific station was in use.

This book runs 1,096 pages in full color, hard bound, dust jacket, illustrates 242 covers, 582 maps and 360 other images. A DVD is included containing over 800 covers (many not illustrated in the book), PMG annual reports and other reports to Congress between 1817 and 1878. In addition, there are images of the manuscript Railroad Contracts by States – 6,773 in all and we believe these contracts have never been reproduced before.

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